Shake the Chill

by Armada

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We're awful proud of this record and we hope you enjoy it. We hear it cures mental illness if played backwards.


released January 5, 2010

All sounds made by Cody Page, Jeremy Gruber & Eddie Core with the exception of Beautiful Heat in which Darian Cowgill does some yelling.

Recorded and mixed at The Den Recorders, Pasadena, CA
Produced and mixed by Darian Cowgill
Engineered by Darian Cowgill and Mike Boden
Mastered by Sangwook "Sunny" Nam at The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA

All songs written by Armada.
©Armada, 2010

Artwork by Jorge Oswaldo:
Photography by Adam Hendershott:

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all rights reserved


Armada Los Angeles, California

Armada are a powerful four piece cranking out soulful indie rock from the bleeding heart of Los Angeles. Brain meets brawn with sharp, earthy lyrics wrapped in classic, rough-and-tumble songwriting. This is what might happen if Spoon, Wilco, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club threw a pool party with Queens of the Stone Age scoring the water ballet. ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful Heat
Back in town, I got some money, got a job for myself
And I can put the piss and vinegar back onto the shelf
Thanks and please, open seas, eggs and toast to your health
Back in town, I got some money, got a job for myself

In a syncopated sun, I have found my place
I can feel it in my lungs and I am not afraid

It's a graceful collection of lights in my head
Of oceans and beautiful heat
Cold is the cowboy with no place to go
And so it's hotels and hometowns for me

I got my daddy's jaw for taking punches
I got his rock & roll
I got a girl, she got my heart
I got two mothers with soul
I got half a dozen unrelated brothers
And a real one at home
And California, California, California my home
Track Name: The Sprinter
I can't control it when my blood is beating out of pocket
My heart is swollen on a section of the past
A small obsession with a sunny set of sterling people
Outshining everything about me very fast

I want the comfort only gotten when you gain perspective
To chalk it up to youth and bury it in time
But I can feel the chilly pull of beckoning regression
The kind that fights you like an army for your life

Old circumstances made a man of me but there's the question
What kind of man did I become?
Cold shoulder curls around my heart strings and it leaves me breathless
These demons keep me on the run

The conversation getting slower and my words are empty
The subtle shock of watching people looks away
I still remember standing frozen over kitchen tables
And looking up at golden crowded balconies

I made a promise not to drag it out and paint it vivid
I made a promise not to pick and pull and peal it back
But if a recollection turns into an old obsession
I'm gonna have to paint that motherfucker black

I'm walking away
Let the sun wash down my face
I'm walking away
Let the sun course through my veins
Track Name: Red Line Romance
I'm so tired, I can't find the beat
Of the distant deep explosions in my chest
I can see you're quite the record breaking tease
And a friend to all this patience that you test

So I break it up and shake it out
And walk offstage
Watch the rain melt the buildings to the street
Run home and peel away all these
Shiny faces that I wore today
And make stupid little preparations for the week

You cut me once, I'm afraid to dance
You cut me twice, this is what I call
A little red line romance
You cut me once, I'm afraid to dance
And my face begins to change

I smoke the wrong end of my cigarettes
And I look for friends
In anything that's easy to explain
Nothing seems to chase the ghosts away
And I swear to God
That this loneliness has got to have a name

Breakdown, crackpot,
Tolerant television 'cause I need a lot
And the price is right when I can't crack a smile
And don't be scared of flights of hundred-mile stares
At your reflection of examples of denial

1 2, 3 4
I count my blessings, then I'm out the door
Gonna pray myself a little ticket out this place
Yes please, two lumps
I fix my tie, then I cock the gun
Gonna blow away all these cobwebs in perfect taste
Track Name: Renaissance
I rose hell from a jail cell
I couldn't count another crack in the floor
Left blood and sweat on the prison gate
When I ran out the front door
But now I'm free...

I've done my time as an Other One
But I still can't shake the chill
Gonna squeeze and heat with all my friends
Gonna lose my breath and still
I will be free...

When I die, when I die
I hope you pour one out for me
When I die, when I die
I hope you'll be there

Mr. Rigby goes and he leans against the fence
And he wonders where in heaven's name his wife has gone
Mrs. Tom believes that her luck is heaven sent
When from the depths of outer space she hears a song

My lungs were tight in black and white
I could not greet the moon
But now every little drop of blood I taste
Is the greatest little piece of news
To me...

I see her there when the river's low
And the streets begin to buzz
The world has tilted on its feet
'Cause I find myself in love
And I'm completely free

Welcome to my Renaissance
3, 2, 1 submission
Cigarette butts and a little talk
Are the tickets for admission
When I die, when I die
I hope you raise a glass to me
When I die, when I die
I hope you'll be there