Armada EP

by Armada

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This album is the OG. It's a little different than what we do nowadays but we love it just the same.


released May 5, 2008

Cody Page: vocals, guitars
Sean Hurley: bass
Blair Sinta: drums
Sid Page: 1st violin, all string arrangements
Joel Derouin: 2nd violin
Larry Corbett: cello
Paula Hochalter: cello
Mark Gasbarro: piano on "Cloud Nine," and "Possibilities," Rhodes & piano on "Blue & Green"
Adam Olmsted: guitar and Moog on "Cloud Nine," B3 on "She Lets Us Watch Her," percussion on "Great Spectacular" and "She Lets Us Watch Her"
Eric Godal: B3 on "Great Spectacular"

Recorded at The Doghouse (John Diederich, 2nd engineer), Kansas Avenue, Manuella Road, and Douglas Street (Cocoa, 2nd engineer)
Mastered by Sangwook "Sunny" Nam with Eric Boulanger at The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA
©Armada, 2008



all rights reserved


Armada Los Angeles, California

Armada are a powerful four piece cranking out soulful indie rock from the bleeding heart of Los Angeles. Brain meets brawn with sharp, earthy lyrics wrapped in classic, rough-and-tumble songwriting. This is what might happen if Spoon, Wilco, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club threw a pool party with Queens of the Stone Age scoring the water ballet. ... more

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Track Name: Great Spectacular
everyone kindly get down on the floor
did anyone remember what gideon's bible was for?
take a seat and blow your mind,
it won't be long before you find
some freedom.

it's a matter of triplets to twins
when the end don't know where to begin
i put a finger on both of my lips
and my tongue and my teeth are as tight as it gets

'cause i feel a change in temperature
like pins and needles skin
red sun rise with the mercury
a change without from a dream within

and it's bright beneath these eyelids
there ain't nobody gonna keep me silent
a brand new day's about to rattle & hum
days of grace are what i'm feeling
these winds of change, they got me reeling

hold that thought for a second or two
let the gods take a good look at you
and wind you up for a moment in flight
but your time in the sky will last more than tonight

'cause i found a great spectacular
sweet piece of morning glow
red sun horizon glitters on the cobblestones
to a tune that goes like...
Track Name: Blue & Green
take some time to think me over
take some time to take me in
when you give to me what i give to you
like a shadow i'm back and i love you all over again

here i lie beneath the ocean
blue and green was on my mind
here we drive beside the ocean
mermaids are singing on I-95

fell asleep last night without you
woke the morning pretty much the same
although i dreamed of you in those greens and blues
to me you're a beautiful hue of a color i can't seem to name

thinking of you, wasting my time away
under the sea, wasting my time
i'm loving you, taking my time, you see
i'm loving you

here i lie beneath the ocean
Track Name: Standing Ovation
nothing left to say no more
nothing left to do
i'm insincere again
your cigarette burns just like a fuse
now i'm the lucky one
face down on the silver spoon
and i wish you'd just push me

away, away beyond the stage
where i know you'd like to be
you live your life like a monologue
you never let me speak
clap clap goes the audience
never once let 'em stop to breathe
and what's good for you
is all that you can see

thought you said i taught you how
to beat the demons down
lies lies and your false surprises
and just look at us now

ashes ashes on my face
a red jacket on my floor
i can't believe after all you've seen
you keep coming back for more
big tears in her eyes
wins an award when she cries
thank you, thank you and goodnight

i swear i'm on my way
and i think you should be, too
i guess that i'll get canonized
in the stories that you use
to prove yourself to friends of other friends
and the lucky ones to be
but like i said, it don't matter all that much to me
Track Name: Possibilities
walk, talk
just like an elephant with
hot shocks
of very beautiful and
taut thoughts
that closes eyes to the impossible

like a fanatic in your
green sheets
it's automatic, you should
trust me
so pick your possible

'cause i see it in you

thin skin
logistic formulas
and all that normal is
all fiction:
the skinny fractions of impossible

see me
as your protection in the
palm trees
and every section of your
hot dreams
as vivid as possible

'cause i see it in you
indelible beautiful you

month to month and so courageous
write, rip, read and turn my pages
you deserve this introduction:
shoots and leaves without compunction
find a line that shines and cross it
time to stab your albatrosses
time to pen and ink your opus
time can never ever choke us

so smart
a combination of your
head and your art
the education of a
passionate heart
the cultivation of possible

remember, dear
the spell is lifted in
december, dear
when optimistically
assembled gears
spin for the possible

'cause i see it in you
indelible beautiful you
Track Name: Cloud Nine
leave me alone, i won't talk right now.
i hate the way my teeth click
when this bullshit stumbles out.
i am an old fool
always tapping on the sun,
but i see in four dimensions
and i know which way to run.

now it's bleeding through the windows
and grinning ear to ear.
it permeates my bedroom.
eclipses all my fears.
yes i'm breathing something different
than the words that's on display.
the future's only history
now my lungs embrace today.

here on cloud nine
talking shop is out of style
and we don't mind
gazing stars for just a while
here on cloud nine
there is time and time again
for the sublime

columns and rows
he swallows and rubs his nose:
"excuse me, but
where do we explode?
my lungs are on fire
because i'm breathing something different
than these numbers on display.
you plan for five but this year's mine
and i'll die before i cage.
Track Name: She Lets Us Watch Her
when left alone to do all the things a good boy should
i get to wondering and wandering up above
what about this greenery, these Hollywoods, these vines
that creeped and crawled and carried us
and showed us how to love?

these snowflake words we spoke into the atmosphere
just sucked up solid, dropped, and shattered under us
what about these other ones who by the grace of God
wait in the wings for things, for another one so curious?

bienvenido ray my friend
the midnight ghost, she's back again

and she lets us watch her
from a window up above
she spins the sunlight like a song
we could deconstruct her
but we mesmerize instead
from behind the clouds where we belong

reason one meet season two
there's scientific summer sound about you
you conduct your arms, run off you tracks
that graceful ghost, she's all of that
she sings like angels sick with love,
forgets to realize that we above
have tattooed angels on both our arms
yeah, me and ray we look down from the stars

the borealis cracks my lense
and hypnotized we both begin to descend