Paper Ghosts

by Armada

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"Paper Ghosts" is Armada at it's sleekest, with angular guitars, storytelling lyrics, choppy drums, and bits of raggedness that keeps it all from being over-polished. This is what would happen if Spoon, Wilco, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club threw a pool party with Queens of the Stone Age scoring the water ballet.


released August 28, 2012

Cody Page: Vocals & Guitar
Nick Champeau: Guitar & Keys
Jeremy Gruber: Bass & Keys
Eddie Core: Drums & Percussion

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Mike Boden
Assistant Engineer: Brian Rosemeyer
Mastered By: Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, Columbus, OH
Recorded and Mixed at Kingsize Soundlabs and Cloud City2, Los Angeles, CA
Cover photo by:
© Callie Giovanna,
Jacket layout: Kirk James

All songs written and arranged by Armada

Thank you:
Dave and Ronna Trumfio at Kingsize Soundlabs
Soultone Cymbals
Cosmos and Evertune, Dave Widerman
Kirk James & nüco clothing
Sid and Bobbi Page
Lynn Capri
Alane and Howard Gruber
Elizabeth Newman
Christina Page
Amy Wallace, Benji Rogers and the PledgeMusic Crew (
Stephen “Taco” Herring, Ron Sobel, Steve Winogradsky, Dan Kirkpatrick and the team at Win/So (
Kim Nieva at Engine House Music (
Matt Beard and the team at G2 Graphics
Darren Norton and Rainbo Records
Adam and Sylvia Hendershott (

A very special thank you to these three fine human beings for helping to keep this ship afloat:
Kat De La Rosa
Marco Santori
Guy Maeda

Armada wears nüco clothing
Eddie Core uses Soultone Cymbals
Eddie Core uses FutureSonics in-ear monitors
This project was partially funded through a campaign on
Mike Boden smokes Camel cigarettes




all rights reserved


Armada Los Angeles, California

Armada are a powerful four piece cranking out soulful indie rock from the bleeding heart of Los Angeles. Brain meets brawn with sharp, earthy lyrics wrapped in classic, rough-and-tumble songwriting. This is what might happen if Spoon, Wilco, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club threw a pool party with Queens of the Stone Age scoring the water ballet. ... more

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Track Name: Ghost of Illinois
I been up nights
been sniffing out the clues
keep getting pulled at by the gravity
that hovers over you

one hundred feet
with jack and dennis on the door
i saw the angles then, my friend
we mixed them on the floor

loafers, yachts, and microphones
the ghost of illinois just bought a home

plants the seeds and he prunes it right
picks the fruit and names his handsome price

mean as he please
he tightens up the slack
he builds the who entire scene
with just one hand tied behind his back

don't you rock the boat
don't you ape the lights
he's got 'em tuned up like a piano
and he likes 'em nice and tight

the cold producer knows his staff
you disappear if you can't make him laugh (you never work in this town again)

sucks on pennies, kiss the boss
shine that blood up double cherry gloss

don't leave me up to my devices again
my devices are old
and they're boring my friends

don't leave me up to my devices again
'cause they're flooding my heart again
Track Name: Callanwolde
I heard you scratching ‘round my door
I heard you breathing like a wolf out in the woods
And I caught your story on the news
It’s black as coal, I'd like to stumble into you

I try to let it go
Sit back and let it go
See they raised me right
Good kid, sweet boy (Black thoughts, bad boy)

I heard you steal up in the night
And I heard you breathe in all your evil at the door
But I caught your shadow by surprise
And I saw you freeze up
As my tiger opened wide

I tried to turn my cheek
You would not let us be
My heart’s in the way
Track Name: Nevada
Eyes are bright
Cold and clear
Can't somebody tell me what I'm missing here?

Your hands are hard
And the colors are clean
How do you believe what I just couldn't believe?

Your wings are wide
And your ghosts are good
How is it you never do the things that you should?

Delicate eyes
And a delicate touch
True that you're a looker but it don't mean that much

You're breaking the mold
But you're breaking my heart
Sometimes I get the feeling that you're playing the part

Blacks for blues
Hearts for heads
I used to look for diamonds in the blood that you bled

You dance for days
And your dreams are deep
Always seem to suffocate the brothers you keep

You’re taking your time
And I’m giving it too
You got the kind of appetite professionals do

Downtown sharing our bed
Shake hands
Shake heads
Down by the river we stood
Found out you never do us no good

The soul is strong
And the legs are lean
Can't somebody tell me what the pieces mean?

A ghost, a witch, a citizen
Built a bed and we tucked them in
In old Downtown by the river we stood
Found out you never do us no good
Track Name: Beacon St.
It starts when the shadows press
Down heavy on my sheets
You ain’t looking at me
I am holding my breath

Childlike you’d answer
Every question with your eyes
Words that paralyze
Words that paralyze

And I try to fight it
But your fingerprints are violent
And they’re everywhere
In vivid black and blue

I start to wonder
How distracted will I get
When every move I make just
Triggers an image of you

Every time that neon light
Ignites on Beacon Street
Every time the war is on the news
Every time it’s deep July
The grinding of your teeth
My God I’ll know
That there’ll be no forgetting you

Fresh starts and easy hearts
Been closing the space between
What I say and what I mean
I been getting my swagger back

‘Round goes the calendar
With good things on my mind
Like history’s unkind
I inherit no legacies

I can’t believe it
When I turn around and I see it
After all this time
Your ghost between sheets

And I try to fight it
But your memories are wild
And their Technicolor shadows start to creep all over me

Sit tight, it’s gonna hurt
Stay right, but let it burn
Bright lights will only set you free
Track Name: Badge & Gun
Only in the evening does he make his presence known
A holy rollin' ocean at his feet
Doctor doctor help this man
He's sick on cigarettes again
And stuck on pulling secrets from the deep

Holy ghost nobody knows why he can't rest his weary soul
"Come and play this part we've built for you."
Don't you dare apologize
Open up those crimson eyes
Keep swimming in that phosphorescent blue.

You are not you badge and gun
Or everything to everyone

Only in the evening do I make my presence known
I got a holy rollin' ocean at my feet
Doctor I don't wanna fight
I'm out on new frontiers tonight
Best you keep your distance when I dream

Holy ghost I think you know
Why I don't rest my weary bones
I finally found me something I believe
I'll never once apologize
I'll open up my eager eyes
Keep on swimming in that phosphorescent sea
Track Name: Up, Out
everybody in the white room
you get a big old bruise,
a big old bruise for breakfast.
let the machinery bloom
as the company mends the fences.
they say that late last night somebody might
have gone up and out and through the roof
and yeah they say a lot, it's true

I got a feeling
I got a feeling about this one
justice likes to listen
to the voices in your head

pretty little white plumes
when we got the news
the smoke went thick and restless.
let the machinery burn,
we put the chainsaw back in Texas
there were no explosives no
but the explosion oh
it went up and out and through the roof
and oh my god that's the sound of truth

everybody from the white room,
you get a party too
between the curtains black and reckless
let the millennium bloom
in every black tie, gown & necklace.
we got an exclusive use
for these exclusive blues
we put them up and out and through the roof
oh my god that’s the sound of truth

justice comes this evening
for the skin you never shed
justice comes this evening
to put this shit to bed

I knew I had a feeling
had a feeling about this one...
Track Name: Renaissance
I rose hell from a jail cell
I couldn't count another crack in the floor
Left blood and sweat on the prison gate
When I ran out the front door
But now I'm free

I done my time as an Other One
But I still can't shake the chill
Gonna squeeze and heat with all my friends
Gonna lose my breath and still
I will be free

When I die, when I die
I hope you pour one out for me
When I die, when I die
I hope you'll be there

Mr. Rigby, he goes and leans against the fence
And he wonders where in heaven's name
His wife has gone

Mrs. Tom believes that her luck is heaven sent
When from the depths of outer space
She hears a song

My lungs were tight in black and white
I could not greet the moon
Now every little drop of blood I taste
Is the greatest little piece of news

I see her there when the river's low
And the streets begin to buzz
The world has tilted on its feet
'Cause I find myself in love
And I'm completely free

Welcome to my renaissance
3, 2, 1, submission
Cigarette butts and a little talk
Are the tickets for admission
Track Name: Love You
i been wasting my time
killing us slowly
i just can’t adjust
to this beast that erupts out of me

i been listening so long
to these dark little songs that control me
they all say, "run for your life,
there's promises you've got to keep.

“you better make room for us
and our baggage and such
you're a sick son of a bitch
but we love you so much
and we're hungry
and soon there'll be more mouths to feed."

i'm a man of my word
but these things that i heard
were like sick little kids
trying to fake a fever
now i look in your eyes
and the things i've denied
and i know i was wrong
i know i was wrong

'cause i love you
you are my soul
yes i love you
i just thought you should know

don’t wanna waste no more time
killing us slowly
i can't let us adjust
to this voice that erupts out of me

there’s smoke on the hill
and fire in the trees
and the crackle and hiss
of electricity
‘cause the way that i’m wired
is cold and exposed
buy you’re sewing me up
and i want you to know

don’t wanna waste no more time
killing us slowly
i just can’t adjust
to these words that erupt out of me